Administrative services

Handling of paperwork relating to transactions with the Inland Revenue and Customs authorities

Our Firm takes care of preparing and transmitting the following documentation (also in an electronic format):
Inland Revenue
Opening, closing and modifying VAT numbers
Completion of Declarations of Intent received by the client
Completion and transmission in electronic format of the F24 form on behalf of clients
Completion and transmission in electronic format of quarterly VAT refund/compensation forms
Customs authorities
Preparation and transmission

Dealings with the Chamber of Commerce

Our Firm is connected on-line with the Italian Chambers of Commerce and is able to handle and complete any type of dealings with these departments.

Other services

Our Firm is able to provide the following services of a more generic nature:
Domiciling of registered company offices at our premises in Legnano and Milan
Qualified to act as Intermediary for electronic data transmission to the Inland Revenue department, through Entratel
Issue of Smart Cards for electronic signatures
Consultation of archives kept by the Chambers of Commerce and Land Register