Consultancy services

Corporate and tax advice

Tax advice

  • Interpretative opinions with regards to the application of tax laws
  • Tax planning for Companies, businesses and individual freelance operators
  • Specific fiscal assistance relating to direct, indirect and substitutive taxation
  • Preparation and transmission of tax returns in an electronic format

Corporate and fiscal information updates provided in the form of circulars that are prepared and distributed by our Firm

Corporate advisory services

  • Prior analysis regarding the choice of corporate tool most suited to specific customer requirements
  • Client support during company start up and routine management
  • Support in the execution of corporate requirements (Board of Directors, Meetings) and in handling relations between shareholders or partners, between shareholders and the company, and between shareholders and collegial bodies
  • The planning and management of generational turnover
  • The drawing up of transfer deeds relating to capital stock
  • Contractual assistance with regards to the sale/acquisition of companies and holdings
  • Advisory service and assistance in the execution of extraordinary operations: company reorganizations, liquidations, assignments, fusions (M&A), transformations, divisions, leaseholds
  • Capital operations (increases, reductions etc.)
  • Assistance in issuing debenture loans
  • Audit assignments
  • Administrative or liquidating assignments
  • Keeping and updating statutory books


Company bankruptcy and insolvency advice

With their many years of experience, our Firm’s partners are specialized in the analysis and management of company crises. In the light of the new opportunities introduced by the recent bankruptcy law reform, our Firm will present a solution for the Company’s reorganization and financial recovery, or alternatively, the most appropriate way of winding up the business (and, if it is thought to be the best course of action, assists the Company in filing for bankruptcy). Our Firm is equally specialized in drawing up certified recovery plans (art. 67 3rd paragraph of the bankruptcy law), agreements regarding debt payment plans (art. 182 bis of the bankruptcy law) and the preparation of plans and any other legal requirement entailed in making an application for a composition agreement.

Tax Litigation

Our firm offers an expert advisory service to support the taxpayer in the event of litigation and pre-litigation tax issues.
In the initial phase of litigation activity, our consultancy service consists in providing assistance to the taxpayer during the tax inspection carried out by the appointed Authorities and/or the Tax Police and in the adoption of administrative measures to prevent the arising of possible controversies such as self-defence and assessment with taxpayers’ adhesion.
In the course of litigation, counsel is supplied to the Taxpayer before the Regional and Provincial Committees in the form of:

The preparation and filing of appeals
The preparation of counter-evidence for the client’s defence
The filing of applications to suspend collection
The representation of clients in the course of tax proceedings

Administrative consultancy

Our Firm is able to offer its clients, depending on the size of their business, a generic accounting service backed up by on-going corporate, tax and administrative assistance which comprises the drafting, drawing up and formulation of financial statements, both annual and extraordinary, accompanying financial reports and all related procedures for their publication, also in an electronic format, as stipulated by the Law.
We are able to supply the following services, even on the Client’s own premises:
Ordinary and simplified book-keeping
Assistance in drawing up annual financial statements as laid down in the Civil Code, and according to national accounting standards (OIC)
Legal accounting controls
Annual and extraordinary accounting audits
Drawing up extraordinary asset and liability statements
Due diligence accounting
Implementation of computerized accounting systems and the organization of book-keeping procedures on the client’s premises
Stock accounting set-up

Consultancy services for non-resident companies

Our Firm is specialized in the following services:

Assignment of an Italian VAT number to non- residents, allowing them to operate directly in Italy,

and the handling of all VAT-related procedures

Support to non-residents wishing to set up companies in Italy, with the possibility of domiciling the Company’s legal address at our Firm’s premises

Accounting and tax assistance with regards to the management of an organization set up by non-residents and permanently based in Italy

Reporting to the mother company

Consultancy on labour issues

Our Firm handles the entire process of labour relations, from hiring to the calculation of wages, salaries and social contributions, up until termination of the contract.

Our Firm interfaces with the social security and welfare departments and takes care of all mandatory procedures. Our team of professionals represent the “Employer” in negotiations with the trade unions, laying-off procedures and transactions with employees.
As a CAF, we are authorized to offer assistance to employees, either individually or as part of an agreement with the employer, in preparing and filing their income tax returns (Form 730).
Our Firm uses software applications for the electronic management of salaries, payroll time-reporting systems, expense accounts, transfers, staff budgets, access control and security. This system, which is simple and modular, integrates the organizational and administrative management of human resources while guaranteeing privacy and security.


• Staff management
• Legal and administrative assistance in handling labour relations


• Handling relations with the social security departments with regards to contributions and services, also in the event of controls, inspections and surveillance relating to social contributions.
• A comprehensive advisory service covering all aspects of social legislation.


• Industrial relations: the handling of relations with the OO.SS. (trade union organizations) operating within and outside the company
• Management and prevention of labour disputes
• Assistance in the event of having to make recourse to Cig, Cigs (temporary unemployment benefits) and individual or group dismissals or redundancy


• Elaboration of employees’ payslips
• Calculation of social contributions and income taxes
• Monthly, annual or periodic elaboration of the necessary forms relating to the payment of all mandatory social contributions with relative declarations to the social security and welfare offices.
• Management of company relations with public bodies and institutions
• Calculation of remuneration in the event of illness, industrial accidents, maternity leave etc. and execution of the relative procedures with the public departments concerned
• Calculation of the monthly appropriation of funds and differed remuneration, tfr (severance pay)
• Budget elaboration

Consultancy services for individuals

Our Firm handles the more personal aspects of family wealth by adopting a global approach to the organization of assets, which combines consultancy with the activities comprised in our vast offering of services. These range from financial consultancy to succession strategies; from the safeguarding of generational turnover to the optimization of investment returns; from tax planning to administrative management.

Our primary objective is to safeguard the interests of our clients in order to conserve wealth for the future generations.
In the course of its activity, our Firm relies on strategic partnerships with professionals whose reputation is well-consolidated and widely-acknowledged, in order to propose and participate in the execution of the most effective solutions for responding to individual client requirements.
Our advisory services cover many activities involving private clients, such as leasehold contracts, purchase deeds, contracts of sales, planning for succession, real estate consultancy, etc.

Planning for succession

• Assistance in the processes associated with the passage from one generation to the next and the analysis of appropriate solutions
• Trusts

Real estate consultancy

The real estate consultancy offered by our Firm pursues the following objectives:
• the separation of real estate property from business activities
• the optimization of investment in owner-occupied property and/or used by the family
• the remunerative management of real estate
• analysis of the risk/rewards ratio
• administration of family real estate