Online consultancy

Users are invited only to make inquiries regarding tax, accounting or corporate issues. Requests may only be made using the form below and must contain one single question. The charge made for the relative answers will be based on professional fees in force and will be agreed to with the client before being accepted. The Firm reserves the right to publish answers to such inquiries when they are considered to be of general interest. The client will be required to provide his personal data to enable the Firm – which will be duly responsible for its correct handling – to complete the procedure. Such data will be treated directly and not communicated to third parties.

At any time, and in compliance with art. 7 of the Decree Law 196/2003 and its subsequent modifications, it will be possible to obtain the modification, integration or cancellation of personal data, by directly addressing this request to the Firm Tiburzi & Bardelli Commercialisti Associati.