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The firm of T&B Commercialisti Associati successfully fulfils its objective to provide a global customer-oriented consultancy service. In fact, we set out to offer exhaustive consultancy in diverse fields of activity with a view to developing operative solutions to meet all aspects of any particular customer requirement. In order to meet the set objective, our auditors and consultants in fiscal, legal and corporate issues form special task forces and work together as a team.

In these “project groups” specific problems are elaborated and complex solutions of particular corporate significance are then defined. Sets of data are never considered on a separate basis but serve as indicators to identify strong and weak points, business trends and opportunities.

Our clientele is made up of companies, institutions of various types and individuals operating in widely varying fields of business under different legal forms. Our Firm, as well as having in-house specialists, always works in partnership with legal firms and notaries, in order to identify, propose and collaborate in setting up what are considered to be the most effective solutions to meet the customer’s requirements.

We make a particular effort to represent the sole interlocutor for our clients, thus facilitating the definition of organizational solutions, as well as bringing together all the necessary specialist skills. This calls for an integrated picture of the customer’s assets, which must be founded on confidentiality and autonomy and be completely free of any conflict of interest.

We provide our services to manufacturing and service companies alike, individuals, small businesses and groups of companies. No matter how large or small the business is, we offer an exhaustive and personalized service, by integrating traditional administrative and accounting activities with the organizational and strategic aspects typical of the New Economy and based on the use of the Internet.

Today, our organization addresses the market as a modern and innovative on-line Firm of Business Consultants offering its Clientele avant-garde consultancy services backed up by the most edge-cutting and effective technologies. This innovative vision enables our Clients to have direct access to information in an electronic format by interfacing in a manner that is user-friendly, personalized and perfectly secure.

Each Client has direct access to his own personalized and confidential area, whose contents –information and services, administrative, fiscal and/or operative applications – are grouped and shared.

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